Here are the list of 5 amazing locations where game of thrones was filimed

1 Itzurun Beach, Zumaia, Spain (Dragonstone)

Spain features heavily is the latest installment of Game of Thrones. Take the last scenes of season seven's initial episode: Daenerys lands at Dragonstone—Dothraki warriors, Varys, and Tyrion in tow—after seasons spent across the Narrow Sea. While the nearby San Juan de Gaztelugatxe stands in for the castle's winding entry stairs, it's Itzurun Beach in the Basque Country that serves as the dragon queen's entry point to Westeros.

2 Itálica, Spain (King's Landing Dragonpit)

The biggest character gathering in Game of Thrones history was set here, in the Roman ruins of Itálica. The production team built a platform to protect the central area of the ancient amphitheater that once housed 25,000 spectators. Now, it'll be known for hosting three Lannisters, two Targaryens, two Cleganes, two Greyjoys, two dragons, a few friends, a few foes, and a dead man walking.

3 Vík, Iceland (Eastwatch-by-the-Sea)

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