The weekly travel update | Know the latest news regarding travel restrictions

Special international flights from India resume! Who can fly, when will normal travel be possible While international air travel has been suspended in India for a long time, some international flights are ready to take off now under special operations.While the go…



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Travel Cuts 01 Open roads and Open Life by Andrew Evens

Travel cuts is series of travel videos showing experience of different travellers from all around the world. Travel cuts highlights the key points that has been said  by the traveller. We also add an uplifting music to get an inspirational momentu…


Fish Curry with recipie

When we say  Fish Curry , a different picture comes into each ones mind. It depends on the place they live and the way they grew up tastng fish curry. In my house this is the fish curry that I make often and my family associates fish curry with thi…


Kerala Avial Curry with recpie

Avial is a dish that originated in the kerala cuisine. As the name indicates, avial is a 'mixture' of vegetables cooked with coconut. It has a combination of vegetables making it very nutritious.In Kerala, avial is the first side dish serve…


Thenga Chammanthi with recipie

Thenga Chammandhi is a very old recipe made in every house in Kerala and southern part of Tamilnadu (Kanyakumari District). I remember my grandma making this chammandhi almost everyday in her ammikallu (Grinding Stone), forming it into a ball and s…


Ari Pathiri with recipies

Ari Pathiri or Ari Pathil is a flat bread made with raw rice flour. It is a specialty of the muslims from the Malabar region in Kerala. These rice rotis are very soft and thin, hence it is also called Ari Nice Pathiri. It is usually served in Keral…

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